scap|u|lar «SKAP yuh luhr», adjective, noun.
of the shoulder or shoulder blade.
1. a loose, sleeveless garment hanging from the shoulders, worn by members of certain religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church: »

the girdle, scapular, and white veil betokening Sister Laurentia's official reception into the thirteen-centuries-old Order of St. Benedict (Atlantic).

2. two small pieces of cloth joined by string passed over the shoulders, worn under the ordinary clothing by Roman Catholics as a mark of religious devotion: »

He hastily muttered a Hail Mary to the Blessed Virgin, asking her protection, and promising always to…wear her scapular (James T. Farrell).

3. a bird's feather growing in the shoulder region where the wing joins the body.
4. a bandage that goes over the shoulder.
5. = scapula. (Cf.scapula)
[< New Latin scapularis < Late Latin scapul scapular, tippet < scapula shoulder, scapula]

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